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It’s safe to say that everyone would like to have a satisfying sex life. But if the bells don’t seem to be ringing in the bedroom, there are medical treatments that can enhance your experience and performance. They’re called O-shots - for women- and P-shots - for men. Dr. Johannes Ramirez of Oxnard, California, is adept at providing O-shots and P-shots to his patients for sexual enhancement. Call Dr. Ramirez for your appointment and get back to enjoying one of the best parts of life.

Sexual Enhancement Q & A

by Johannes Ramirez, MD

I had platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for my knee injury. Can it really help my sex life?

Yes. The same process of using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to heal sports injuries and arthritis now helps in the bedroom. For sexual enhancement, PRP is primarily being used for women in the form of O-shots and for men in the form of P-shots. These shots are generally painless and the results get some rave reviews.

What is an O-shot?

The O-shot — or orgasm shot — was devised to treat sexual dysfunction and aid in achieving orgasm by stimulating circulation and blood flow to the clitoris and the inside of the vagina. The goal is to stimulate new cell growth, which is meant to increase blood flow and sensitivity. O-shots are also known to be very successful in treating urinary incontinence.

How are O-shots administered?

O-shots are administered in the area near the clitoris and inside the vagina in what is being called the O-spot, behind the clitoris.

Before he begins, Dr. Ramirez will apply numbing cream to both areas. After that, the first step is for the doctor to draw a couple of teaspoons of blood to create the PRP in a centrifuge. During the withdrawal, many women say they only feel a little pressure, or nothing at all.

Results vary widely, but most feel the full results within two to three months and these results can last for about one year.

What are P-shots?

P-shot — short for Priapus Shot — is a procedure for men to increase sensitivity the way the O-shot does for women. You can improve your sexual performance without the use of drugs or surgery.

How are P-shots administered?

P-shots are primarily used for erectile dysfunction (ED) and require PRP. First, two teaspoons of blood are drawn and processed for delivery. Afterwards, Dr. Ramirez applies a numbing agent and administers the shots.

There is no recovery time, and you can have sex if you are able to and easily resume daily activities. Dr. Ramirez will recommend some daily exercises that will help to improve and increase the blood flow and sensitivity from your P-shot.

P-shots were designed for treatment of ED, but a number of men report a boost in length and girth. Full results are visible within six to eight weeks and can last up to a year with available follow-up treatments.

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