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Dr. Johannes Ramirez, an OBGYN who practices out of Oxnard, Camarillo, CA, knows the embarrassment and distress patients can experience due to incontinence. His expertise in dealing with such issues means he can offer patients the answers they are looking for.

Incontinence Q & A

by Johannes Ramirez, MD

Those who experience bladder control problems should not let embarrassment prevent them from getting the help with incontinence that they need. Having to urinate frequently, leaking urine, and enduring other symptoms of urinary incontinence are not the trivial consequences of aging or childbirth. There is an answer to incontinence and we can help.

When Should a Person Seek Help for Incontinence?

Incontinence may require medical attention for several reasons. It can cause individuals to restrict their physical activities and lead them to withdraw from social interactions. It is not to be ignored because sometimes a bladder control problem is the result of a more serious underlying medical condition, such as kidney disease or diabetes.

Most people have to urinate more frequently as they age and isolated incidents of incontinence do not generally require medical care. However, when the quality of life is affected, a patient should consider seeking medical help. Patients should consider making an appointment if they:

  • Are embarrassed by urine leakage and/or avoid activities because of it
  • Feel the urgency to urinate and rush to a bathroom without making it in time
  • Feel the need to urinate, but cannot pass urine
  • Notice their urine stream is getting progressively weaker

What Preparations Are Needed Before an Examination?

Prepare a Bladder Diary - The physician will probably suggest keeping a bladder diary to track information for up to a week. A detailed, day-to-day record of symptoms helps determine the causes of an individual’s bladder problems and appropriate treatments.

Medical History - An office visit is most productive when a patient can provide a detailed medical history.

What Should a Patient Expect from Treatment?

The first thing a doctor is likely to recommend is lifestyle changes used to train the bladder, such as Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvis and keeping a schedule for when to drink fluids and use the bathroom.

Medications help some women while surgery is the best option for others. What is best for each patient depends on the severity and type of bladder control problem being treated.

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