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Injectables represent an exciting, minimally invasive way to address problem areas around your face that previously had few options. Dr. Johannes Ramirez of Oxnard, California, offers several types of injectable products, each suited for its own cosmetic enhancement niche. Call today to schedule a consultation and find out which products are right for you.

Botox & Fillers Q & A

by Johannes Ramirez, MD

Which is the best injectable to treat active wrinkles?

In some cases, lines and wrinkles form in the face over the muscles that cause expression. Laugh and frown lines, worry lines, and crow’s feet all occur because of repeated movement of the face, leading to muscles that normally remain in a contracted position.

These areas are perfectly suited for Botox® Cosmetic injectables. One of the most popular medical cosmetic procedures in the world today, Botox Cosmetic uses the botulinum toxic in minute dilution to paralyze the muscles into which it’s injected, forcing these to relax and smooth out. Skin in the affected area follows the new contours of the relaxed muscle, resulting in a smoother, more relaxed look for worry lines and crow’s feet.

How do I replace lost volume in my face?

As skin loses elasticity, the support tissue in the deeper dermal layers also deteriorate. This process starts about your mid-20s and continues as you age. Collagen and elastin are lost, so the outer layer of skin loses support at the same time it loses its ability to remain firm.

The VolumaLift™ treatment procedure uses dermal fillers to stand in for lost support tissue. It’s an injectable, non-surgical facelift that takes about 30 minutes and carries little downtime, especially when compared with surgery. Different injectable products are used as part of the VolumaLift, depending on your cosmetic needs. Lines and passive wrinkles respond well to fillers that don’t disperse much after injection, while cheek firmness is best restored with fillers that do spread, to provide a natural, blended result.

Can I do anything about my double chin?

Kybella® is currently the only injectable product approved by the Food and Drug Administration to remove fat cells in the under-chin area, and it’s a product offered by Dr. Ramirez. Kybella works by using deoxycholic acid, a substance found naturally in the body, to selectively break down and absorb adipose tissue, the fat-storage component of the body. Once Kybella injections do the job, fat is gone, and along with it, your under-chin fullness. Best of all, without significant weight gain, your double chin is gone for good.

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